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  • "Saving Lives Through Marrow Drives"
  • Anthony "Ducky" Munoz 1995-2004
Officers Give Hope is a non-profit organization dedicated to hosting marrow donor drives in the public safety community in hope of finding a match for those patients awaiting a life-saving transplant. 

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What We Do

OGH is comprised of volunteers from many different Public Safety Communities.

Volunteers donate their time and effort to conduct marrow donor drives throughout California, there are no paid members. Since 2000, a growing number of public safety organizations are supporting our efforts to conduct marrow drives and increase the number of committed donors in the Registry.

OGH is responsible for bringing tens of thousands of potential donors to the Registry. As a result, numerous lives have been extended or saved!


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Contact Information

Officers Give Hope
1010 N. Batavia, Suite E #246
Orange, CA 92867